Is She Really Trying to Steal Your Man?

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But sometimes you get that niggling feeling that a woman giving your man attention is doing so to get some attention back from him. Sometimes you might get the feeling she'd like you out of the picture completely. So when should you listen to that inner voice that tells you she might be trying to steal your man? Here are a few clues. Whether she's fishing for compliments for herself or complimenting him directly, her sycophantic ways are making you, well, sick. She probably has ulterior motives if she says things like, "I'll never be as pretty as your wife/girlfriend" because this obligates your man to tell her she's attractive. An obvious red flag is how friendly she is with your man – walking up and sitting in his lap is a glaring sign that she's interested in more than being friends with him. In fact, any touchy-feely plays to get his attention are obvious indications she wants to be more than friends with him. Her friendship with you is a less obvious sign – does she try to forge a friendship with you when you don't have much of a relationship at all? If so, she may be doing so to get closer to him. On the other hand, if she wants to be his friend only and have nothing to do with you, she obviously is more interested in him. Check out their online relationship – are they friends on Facebook and follow each other on Twitter? Those missives – plus her "liking" every one of his posts (except, perhaps, the pictures of you) – may mean she's interested in more than watering his Farmville crops. It's fine for him to be friendly – and he may have a hard time being rude about it if he likes to play the part of a gentleman – but it does take two to tango, so stay vigilant. And above all, discuss the matter with your man before taking it out, Bad Girls' style, on the woman in question.