Should You Try to Change His Style?

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Obviously, when you love someone, his clothes shouldn't be a factor. After all, what attracted you to him in the first place was his personality, right? Well, if it's getting difficult to look past your man's appearance these days, then there are some subtle ways you can help him improve it. But the first thing you should do is determine where the problem lies. If it's not with him, then it might be with you. For example, if he wears generic brands, and you prefer designer brands, then that may be a hangup that you need to work on. Parents and friends can influence our decisions - and our outlook - on issues like appearance. Ask yourself if the issue is really that important to you, and if it should be important to him. If his style isn't impeding his efforts to get a job and stay employed, keep up a fairly active social life or doesn't boil down to hygiene problems, then maybe you shouldn't worry so much. Another issue to explore is why you're trying to change his appearance - look deeper to ensure it's not him who you're really trying to change.