Sweet Things You and Your Mate Can Do for Each Other

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Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can forget to reach out to those closest to us to let them know how special they are. When you give out a little love, you're sure to get some in return, so why not let your mate know how much you appreciate him or her? You don't have to make a grandiose gesture to make a big impression, so consider these ideas. Start in the bedroom – and no, your act of love doesn't have to involve sex, unless you want it to! Try a 5-10 minute backrub if your mate has been tense lately. Add some nice massage oil if you want to get fancy, and if it leads to more loving, so be it! Priming your environment for love is crucial, so a nice thing to do for your spouse might be to declutter the bedroom, particularly if he or she is a major neatnik. Moving on to the kitchen, there are plenty of goodies you could make to brighten your partner's day – pick a favorite and surprise him or her with it. Or plan a whole day of treats by starting with making coffee just how he or she likes it, packing a tasty lunch, and making a homecooked, delicious dinner.