When He Can't Rise to the Occasion

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It seems like the ads are everywhere. When you take public transportation, watch a sporting event on TV or visit the doctor, the advertisements for erectile dysfunction medication seem to pop out at you. While they depict men of a certain age, it's not uncommon for younger men to experience a problem in the bedroom. So as your man's partner, how should you handle his lack of stimulation? It depends on the situation and your partner. Does he lack the ability to gain an erection or just keep it? Consider the onset of the erection issue. If you're a new couple or having sex for the first time, then jitters might be getting the best of him. If you've been together awhile, think about underlying reasons why he can't seem to stand at attention. For example, stress can be a huge factor - if he's distracted by job stress, personal issues or anything else, then it may just take some nonsexual stress reduction to get things going again.