Change Your Position on Missionary Sex

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Missionary is the go-to position for having sex, and although popular, it can get old quickly. After a couple hundred times, it's missionary accomplished.

Believe it or not, spicing up your sex life can be as simple as changing positions. Why not think outside the box? A turn here or a twist there can actually make all the difference in the world. If your sex life needs a boost, here are some alternative positions you can try that don't require you to be as flexible as an acrobat.


How about sideways sex? In this position, the woman is in control, making it more exciting. To accomplish this move properly, the man lies down on his side with his legs apart and knees bent. Then the woman positions herself at a right angle.

With her hands at the man's leg and chest, she rocks back and forth, controlling the movement until she finds the right spot. It takes some wiggling and can take a while to get the positions just right. But why not enjoy the ride?