Secrets To A Club-Worthy Striptease

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Once you choose a sexy ensemble, it's time to practice the actual moves that will drive him wild. This, again, comes back to what your partner likes. If you know he'll go for the breast laid plans, then rock a push-up bra and keep your barely covered chest in his face while you roll your pelvis in a circle over his lap.

If you know for a fact that he stares at your derriere every time you exit a room, then practice a wiggle move that starts at your chest, moves through your hips and ends with a fluid backside bounce.

The delicate balance between trashy and classy is key to any home striptease. The idea is to rile him up and put you in control. Done well, your striptease will probably segue into sex, but the tease part of this should include a lot of, well, teasing. Choosing a sexy ensemble and getting into the groove are just half the battle. Think about how you can build him up until you are ready to break him down.

Paying attention to his body language or just asking outright what he wants goes a long way here. It's much easier to choose a sexy ensemble or practice dance moves for a home striptease when you know exactly what he likes.

For Men

Like wearing a pink shirt, stripping takes a real man who cares about what his girl likes. Why do we break out the pink button up on date night? Basically, if she loves it, we'll do it - both for brownie points, and because we actually really care, contrary to popular belief.