Should You Make A Sex Tape?

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If you and your partner are a fun-loving couple with an exciting sex life, then you may have toyed around with the idea of making a sex tape. Making a sex tape can be a fun way to take your intimacy to new heights.

Watching you and your partner having sex can give your sex life an added boost and make sex much more thrilling. However, you need to have low expectations and a sense of humor, or you will be disappointed. Here are some things to consider if you are pondering whether or not a sex tape is a good idea for your relationship.

Why You Should Make a Sex Tape

Watching yourself on video does 2 things: It appeals to your exhibitionism and your voyeurism. Many people feel more relaxed when they are naked and free from the barrier of clothing. Plus, you get the thrill of watching yourselves have sex. You watch strangers having sex when you watch porn, so watching your own sex tape makes the act that much more intimate.

Having you and your partner watch the act can bring you closer together. You may be able to think of ways to improve upon it or different positions that you can try for next time. You can critique the tape together and see what angles or positions didn't work and which ones you want to try again.