5 Questions You Should Always Ask Before the First Time

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Before you decide to do the deed with a guy (or girl), you need to pop the question. Well, five questions, to be exact. And that's at the very least. Having sex is as intimate as it gets. So before you jump into the sack, there are definitely some things you want to get nailed down before you get, well, nailed. We're not talking about running a criminal background check (although if you have some serious doubts, you might be inclined to), but here are some general housekeeping items you'll want to get out of the way. For starters, there's no place like home. Does he have one? Get down to the basics: name, address, phone number, place of employment. We're not talking about going to Social Security number lengths, but you should probably know some general biographical information. Which brings us to the next item of importance -- does he have a wife, girlfriend or significant other? It's pretty obvious why you want to know this one. If he does have some strings attached (to someone else), the last thing you want is to get ensnared in someone else's messy love triangle. Nor do you want to be branded the other woman. Speaking of relationships, that brings us to the next point. Does he see one with you in his future? Unless you're simply out for a commitment-free shag, make sure you and your bed buddy share the same agenda. If he doesn't see you in his future, you may not want to see him in your present. Especially if doing the dirty with him is going to come with a consequence, which brings us to the next question. Is he STD free? While there are no guarantees he's going to be completely honest, it can't hurt to ask. Regardless of his answer, you should always practice safe sex and proceed at your own risk. Last but not least, does he want kids? You're not asking him to start a family, but it's good to know what you're up against in case your night of passion accidentally ends in an unexpected pregnancy. Based on his answers, you may or may not want to reconsider whether to get busy. Yes, the questions are personal, but so is the act.