5 Things He Wants To See You In ... And Out Of

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2. A Thong

As much as many women hate to wear thongs, men simply love them. They love the idea of not being able to see everything but being able to see enough to keep their interest and imagine what might be underneath. If you were uncomfortable the last time you tried on a thong, try one on again.

There have been some pretty cool advancements in this type of underwear, meaning that in some cases, you might not even feel like you are wearing anything. This can eliminate underwear lines and keep your man guessing what you are wearing under your clothes. When it comes to taking them off, he can use his hands or his teeth.

3. A Low-Cut Dress

Sure, there are leg men and butt men out there. But most men adore breasts, and they like to see at least some partial cleavage in anything that you wear. If you have any size to your breasts, then you can perk them up with a nice-fitting push-up bra and then wear a low-cut dress over it for a sexy look. If you are flat-chested or have more of an A cup, then you can go even lower with the cut of the dress.

Yes, it leaves less to the imagination, but it also provides a stunning and daring look that can leave your man wanting even more. With a low-cut dress, there is more than one way that you can get out of it, making it easy for him and for you when the time comes.