5 Things He Wants To See You In ... And Out Of

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4. High Heels

This is more along the lines of those spiky high heels that you see in the movies, not something that you would necessarily wear to work. These high heels typically are black and almost always exude a sexy quality that cannot be found with any other type of shoe. Six-inch would be best but go higher if you can handle it. Practice walking around the house in your heels first so you don't stumble.

Whether you are fully dressed and are getting ready for a night on the town or if you are playing dress-up at home with your man, you should find a sexy pair of heels that you can slip on quickly when the time calls for it. When it comes to the height of your high heels, the higher the better. Even if you have trouble walking in them, don't worry. You likely won't be wearing them for very long anyway.

5. Makeup

The idea of this is a little less sexy, for sure, but the makeup that you wear on your face is just as important as what you wear on your body. It can make your man more turned on when he sees you wearing some daring eyeliner or some hot pink lipstick. You can go as crazy as you want here - if you have some time to yourselves and are in for an adventurous night, then you can pull out all the stops when it comes to your makeup.

Check what is in your arsenal for some ideas right off the bat and add to it if you find that your makeup is less sexy than you want it to be. Just like he will love to see you in it, your man will also love to see you out of your makeup.