5 Things He Wants To See You In ... And Out Of

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Many men today love a more natural look - or even women who wear minimal makeup or makeup that goes unnoticed by the naked eye. He will see your beauty shine through both with your makeup and without it.

These are just 5 of the many, many things that he would love to see you in - and out of. If you use your imagination, you likely can come up with dozens more. You know your man more than most people do, so what you wear entirely depends on the types of things he likes.

If you know him well, then you know what he wants and how to get him in the mood with what you wear. Even if you don't, you still can experiment with some of the things on this list to see where you land. You never know, you might discover new things about yourself and your man that can add some serious spice to your sex life.