The Best Online Jobs You Don't Know About

Work-at-home jobs aren't just for moms and retirees anymore. There are plenty of legitimate online jobs available as more employers hire people to fill virtual positions within their companies, both as employees and as freelance contractors. 

Regardless of why you want to work from home, you'll need motivation and the ability to work without much direction or supervision. Often the only point of contact with a virtual employer is through emails and invoices, so it is imperative to be highly organized and independent. 

It doesn't matter what your skill set is – there likely is a great online job just for you. From writing to designing, the job market at your fingertips has never been better. 

The following is a list of the best online jobs you didn't know about. While some jobs have been available as work-from-home opportunities for quite a while, others are relatively new, as employers see the value in hiring someone to complete the work without having to provide workspace. Before applying for a position, make sure you understand the employment arrangement. Some online jobs are freelance contactor positions, while others might offer full employment with salary and benefits. 

Various Office-Free Office Jobs 

Most people these days have basic office skills, are familiar with word processing programs, and can send emails, faxes and even video chat. 

Jobs that once required an in-office role but now may be performed remotely include: 

  • medical transcriptionist;
  • web designer;
  • call center representative; and
  • virtual assistant. 

Although medical transcription jobs have been available online for some time now, they are still a frontrunner among the best online jobs. The faster you can type and the more accurate you are, the more money there is to be made. The only drawback, however, is that some education or medical knowledge may be necessary to get started. 

Web designers get paid very well for helping businesses – small, medium or large – gain an online presence. They offer a variety of services from developing a website from scratch to updating a current website or optimizing it for SEO purposes. While there are plenty of companies that hire people to do these jobs from home, it's also possible to advertise your designing skills independently and land side jobs. 

Call center representatives are becoming popular virtual jobs as well. Rather than sitting in a cubicle in a big call center, you can answer calls and provide customer service from the comfort of your home. This may not be the best online job for those with young children, however, because the job requires a quiet area. 

Virtual assistants are also gaining popularity. Businesses are interested in hiring people to fill these positions because it saves them money on hiring in-house staff. The title is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of tasks that can be done from a remote location. 

Education and Coaching Jobs 

As the face of education changes and moves toward a more virtual experience, the popularity of online classes is growing, both through the home-schooled K-12 grades, as well as at the college level. These online teaching jobs are in high demand. A degree may be necessary to get started, however, especially for teaching at the collegiate level. 

Other educational and coaching jobs include: 

  • life coach;
  • financial coach; or
  • fitness coach. 

Freelance Writing 

While the print industry, including newspapers and magazines, is on the decline, more people are getting their information from online articles, which is where big business comes in. Beginners can start by earning revenue shares based on ads on a personal blog. More experienced writers can branch out to write for online newspapers or write website content for clients. 

Finding a niche to specialize in, whether it is Internet marketing or scientific articles, can help you become a specialist and land more, higher-paying online jobs. Use caution when applying for online writing jobs, however because the ads can be scams. Do your due diligence and make sure the opportunity is truly legit. 

Travel Agent Jobs 

The travel industry is another vertical that attracts a lot of scams. Though you may have to sift through some online jobs that are not on the up and up and seem too good to be true, there are legitimate travel agent jobs that can be performed virtually. Even if you can't find a legitimate job in the industry, you can always start your own travel agency business from home with little startup cost. 

Tom Ogg, Founder of HomeBasedTravelAgent.com, says, "Real home-based travel agents have experienced robust growth over the last decade, and there are probably 40,000 plus of them and growing." 

Managerial Jobs 

CEOs, project managers and recruiters fall under the managerial category. You might not consider these jobs suitable for online work, but even the top people at some companies are able to work from home. 

CEOs of small or medium companies and even large corporations can work from home because they can access everything they need to run the business online. In some cases, home offices are just as effective as elaborate ones in fancy office buildings. 

Project management can be done online as well. Because the key to being a successful project manager is to communicate, managing virtual projects is not difficult to do with the use of email, Skype conversations and phone calls to stay connected with clients. 

As an online human resource director, you can: 

  • manage job listings;
  • help companies find ideal employees;
  • match people with skills to meet job requirements; and
  • provide online training. 

The future of online jobs is growing. According to Owen Morris, the creator of the ARG Zombies game, "Online work is changing the way business is done." According to a survey from oDesk, 82 percent of millennials surveyed believe that businesses will be entirely virtual within 10 years. 

Whether you are a parent juggling a busy schedule with young kids, a retiree interested in making a side income or are just entering the job market, finding the right online jobs can point you in the right direction and help you get started making money from home. The best online jobs are right at your fingertips.