Photo Booth Fun: Snappy Ways to Spice Up Your Kid Party

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes from a homemade photo booth. Photo booths are all the rage for adult parties, so it only makes sense that they'd also be a hit among the younger generations. It's sure to be the life of the party. Before you can get started on making arrangements for your photo booth, decide on a theme for your party. Whether it's a luau, fiesta, western or other theme, you'll be able to pull off the booth without a hitch. Once you've selected a theme, start collecting props. For example, if you're going the princess route, stock up on gowns, crowns, wands, gloves and other glamorous garb. If your theme is a Mexican fiesta, find sombreros, maracas, fans and fake mustaches. The possibilities are endless. When you decide where you're having the party, find an area off to the side with a plain background. If you're looking for a background, scour the Internet for canvas or plastic backdrops. Next, recruit a photographer. Find someone who's good behind the camera and willing to take photos for a couple of hours.

The more experience they have working with kids, the better. On the day of the party, make a playlist of related music to get your subjects in the mood. For example, download Hawaiian music or reggae if you're hosting a luau. If you're hosting a western-theme party, throw on some country music. When it comes time to open the photo booth, round up the kids and get them excited about posing with their friends. If you have a photo printer, you can print the photos on site and send them home with the kids as party favors. If you don't have a photo printer, upload the pictures to a photo-sharing site and send the link to all of the parents. If you're inclined, have the pictures printed out and hand them out post-party, perhaps enclosed in thank-you notes.