Fun Family Outdoor Activities When You're on a Budget

If times have been better financially and you're staring spring in the face with a house full of kids wondering what on earth you're going to do with them on your days off, don't worry. There are plenty of things you can do that don't have to break the bank and your kids will have a great time. Here are some fun family outdoor activities to get you started.

Local Fun

Check your city newspaper for listings of local happenings. Most newspapers have a section dedicated at least one day a week that announces all of the events, upcoming fairs, festivals, concerts, shows, and lectures.

During spring or summer months, many cities have free "movies in the park" or "free concerts in the park". These are usually family activities and attract lots of kids. Even if your little guys don't want to listen to a concert, they will find other kids to play with and have a great time.

Be sure to do a search online for your city too. Sometimes your newspaper will miss an event. By knowing different sites online that also announces events, you will be sure not to miss anything.


No. Not adult clubs. Think about the interests your kids have or maybe a new subject you would like to interest your kids in. How about rock collecting? Coin collecting? Stamp collecting? Archery? Snorkeling? Volleyball? Bet there's a club for it. By getting your kids interested in something new they will not only learn but have a great time.

Outdoor Fun

With a little thinking, you'll never run out of things to do outside.

Bubbles - You can make some monster bubbles if you get the right recipe. Just look on line and you'll easily find how to do this. With a big bucket, the bubble mixture, and a few creative "bubble tools" you can make ginormous bubbles.

Water painting - Get cheap $1.00 paint brushes at the discount store and give each child a plastic bowl of water. Let them "paint" all over the house, driveway and sidewalk.

Water writing - Save up your old spray cleaning bottles and dish detergent bottles. Wash and rinse them well and fill with water. The kids can write with them or have water battles by squirting each other - you too probably so be prepared with the proper attitude.

Set up a water course

Break out the hoses, sprinklers, and baby wading pool. Let your kids design a water obstacle course or play traditional games in the water.

Water balloons

You can have loads of fun with one bag of cheap water balloons. Fill the balloons with water. This can be fun in itself. The kids always like to see who can make the biggest water balloon before it bursts or who can make a "baby" water balloon.

After you have your balloons filled, have a balloon battle, play toss, play water balloon baseball etc.


Free and great exercise. Do I need to say more? Check with your state parks website and you'll find plenty of nearby walking trails and hiking trails to keep you busy. Pack a light lunch and drinks and you have an activity that will last the day.


If your kids would rather ride than walk, air up the tires and take off. You can ride through quite neighborhoods or most walking trails will let you ride bikes on them also.

The above fun family outdoor activities are just a scratch on the surface. Sit and talk with your kids and see what they have for suggestions. By putting your heads together and using these ideas, you'll have plenty to do.

Source: Health Guidance

Jacob Mabille is one of the administrators and publishers of Health Guidance.