Fun Parties for Kids When You're on a Budget

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With kids, anytime is the time for a party. You do not have to rent giant blow-ups for your front yard and feed every kid within a radius of 100 miles either. Letting your kids have a slumber party with a homemade cake, homemade pizza, a couple of bags of chips and cokes will be remembered for a lifetime.

Have parties for the usual occasions like birthdays and holidays, but also have parties for things like getting their braces off, last day of school, first day of school, good grades, reading "x" amount of books, and just plain, old silly fun parties for kids.

Backwards Party

Have silly parties like the "backwards" party where everything has to be done backwards - the guests wear their clothes backwards and come in the back door. You have the activities of the party backwards, play games backwards etc. Lot's of craziness.

April Fool's Day Party

Another "silly" party idea is an April Fool's Day party. Kids love to play practical jokes so have an entire party based around this theme. Plan practical jokes to play on the guests and decorate in a wacky way.

Make all the pictures in the house hang crooked.

Turn the mirrors backwards.

Have the furniture rearranged in crazy ways.