How to Organize Kids' Clutter

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Organizing Larger Toys

Larger toys can be stored in large tubs or plastic containers. Toys like train sets, car tracks, sports equipment, dolls and larger sets of blocks work well with these types of containers.

Organizing Seasonal Toys

Some toys are only brought out during particular seasons. Under-the-bed plastic containers and boxes work great for these. Beach gear, Frisbees and roller skates can be stored under the bed during the winter months. During the summer months you can store ice skates, hockey sticks and other gear.

Organizing Papers

Nothing seems to multiply more than paper. Between schoolwork and drawings, papers can overtake a room. One way to tackle that problem is to put together a school and artwork binder. These are separate binders that are filled with clear page protectors.

Schoolwork that you want to save can be slipped into the page protectors. Label the binder with your child's name, grade and year. Over time you will have a wonderful collection of binders that is fun to go back and look at. One day these binders can be passed on to your children.

Label another binder for artwork, writing your child's name and age. Keep pictures that your child has painted or drawn inside page protectors. You have yet another treasury of keepsakes.

Papers can also be kept in boxes or plastic containers and then every-so-often you and your child can go through it, keeping special papers and throwing away/recycling the rest.

Another fun idea, in order to display your child's artwork, is to run a rope across the room. You can then use clothespins to hang your child's artwork on the rope.