Internet Safety Tips for Kids

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Computers and the internet have become a way of life. Telling your kids that they can't go on the internet is like telling them they can't breathe. Not only has the internet become a social aspect for kids, it is also educational.

Kids are expected to know their way around the internet and do research for school projects so keeping kids away from computers is almost impossible. With pressure from all sides, how is a parent supposed to keep their child safe while on the internet?

Here are some internet safety tips for you to follow and teach your children about internet use. Following these rules will help you keep your child safe.

Tip #1 -- Learn Internet Acronyms

Kids speak in a different language around their friends and on the internet. They speak using internet acronyms like "bff" and "lol". If you don't know these acronyms, it's like trying to decipher a foreign language. Learn what these acronyms are so you know what kind of language your children are using and what they are saying to their friends.