The Best Bath Toys

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Back when Ernie of "Bert and Ernie" fame sang his famous love song to his rubber duckie, millions of children could relate; the classic yellow rubber tub toy was the most popular (and in many cases the only) floating fun item to be found in the family bath tub.

These days, all that's changed. Kids have a staggering array of colorful, waterproof toys to bring with them into the tub. Parents, however, are not always impressed with the selection. Tub toys are cute and fun at first, but kids get bored with them fairly quickly, and they end up gathering dust (or rather, mold) somewhere under the bathroom sink. Speaking of mold, typical squirting tub toys harbor lots of it, and are notoriously difficult to clean. No matter how much water you can squeeze out, there always seems to be some left over.

Another concern among parents has been the use of unhealthy plastics in children's tub toys. Some companies have responded to this concern by creating tub toys that are free of the "problem plastics." These choices are better for kids and for the environment.

While squirting rubber toys are still purchased and enjoyed by kids everywhere, many parents are looking for some alternatives that are safer, cleaner, and more mentally stimulating for their little ones.