Pregnant and Sick? You Can Take It
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There may be nothing worse than being pregnant and feeling terrible. Being sick with a cold, the flu or some other malady may be even worse for pregnant women, whose medication options are limited. If you have a cold while pregnant, then the... Read More
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Imperfect Parenting
Shortly after having my first baby, I decided I was going to be the perfect parent. I immediately began to keep an intelligent library of child-rearing books on my nightstand and would replenish the...
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Choosing a Safe Babysitter
You want to go out - just Mommy and Daddy. That's perfectly normal, but you can't find a family member that is available to care for your children. So you decide to hire a babysitter. Hiring a...
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What Kind of Role Model Are You?
Are you being the person you want your children to be? Many parents today really try to be better parents than their parents were. They attempt to be there for their children - to listen to them,...
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