Self-Serve After-school Snacks
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Kids are normally ravenous when they come off the bus and running through the door in the afternoon. Satisfying their appetites without serving junk and spoiling dinner can be a challenge. But you don't have to get fancy or expensive when it... Read More
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Thinking Outside the Lunchbox
It's no secret that the choices offered in most school cafeterias leave something to be desired, both nutritionally and taste-wise. And convenience "kid" lunches-you know, those pre-packaged cracker,...
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Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Family-Friendly Travel Tips
Traveling with children can be enjoyable and fun with these family-friendly travel tips. No matter if you are traveling by plane, train or automobile you can have a pleasant experience if you prepare...
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More Fruits and Veggies, Please!
As a dietitian and a mom of three young children, I naturally have a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table. You may think that this has always been the case. The truth is that it wasn't. The practice of...
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