Functioning on Fewer than 40 Winks
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The arrival of a new baby affects all aspects of parents' lives, but the one that may have the most impact is the amount - or lack thereof - of sleep you get. All new parents are subject to sleep deprivation, but the effects of it vary from... Read More
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Cow's Milk Alternatives
With all of the information out there about the dangers of cow milk (growth hormones, antibiotics) what should you use instead? Nowadays, there is a plethora of other choices out there if you don't want...
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Self-Image and Health: Protecting Our Children
It is not a surprise to most people that health studies point to popular culture as a perpetrator of body image which has corresponded to the self image and well being of women AND men. What may...
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How Do You Encourage Self Confidence in Girls?
Several studies show that girls' self-esteem and self-confidence tends to decline after about age nine as girls enter puberty. How do you encourage self confidence and increase self esteem during these...
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