9 Tips to Get Your House Clean Fast!

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Tip #2

When you clean each room, go in one direction. Work around the room from top to bottom from right to left. Also, start at one end of your home and clean from one end to the other. The purpose of this strategy is that it keeps you organized. You are cleaning with a direction and purpose in mind and it keeps you from hopping around from task to task.

Tip #3

As you go through each room, use your large garbage bag to empty all the wastebaskets and throw away any clutter - old magazines, opened letters etc.

Tip #4

When you clean your windows, first wipe the windowsills clean of dust so the dust doesn't get wet when you spay the windows. Spray the windows and clean with either a squeegee or use your paper towels.

Tip #5

To dust faster, you can get all of your silk flowers clean by using your blow dryer. Use your feather duster for all of your furniture, picture frames, knick-knacks, and lampshades.