9 Tips to Get Your House Clean Fast!

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Tip #6

Change your air conditioner and heater filters every three months. This keeps dust from circulating in your home and you won't have to dust as often.

Tip #7

Dust your ceiling fan blades once a month. This keeps dust from flying around the room.

Tip #8

Avoid interruptions while you clean. Turn the TV off. Turn the phone off or let the answering machine take a message. If you stop to chat "for just a moment" you will soon find that "moment" has turned into an hour. By that time, you will have lost all of your momentum for cleaning.

Tip #9

Vacuum last. This way, you can vacuum up any dust or crumbs that you knocked into the floor while you were doing all of your other cleaning.

Stick with these tips for super fast cleaning. When you're through, reward yourself with a good, hot bath. You've earned it!

Source: Health Guidance

Jacob Mabille is one of the administrators and publishers of Health Guidance.