Maintaining Your Adult Relationships

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The old saying "everything changes once you have kids" is a truth for the ages. There's no part of life that isn't touched by the experience of becoming a mom. For the most part, the changes are positive, but sometimes they can be emotionally difficult.

When children come into our lives, they automatically become the center of our world. They're helpless, completely dependent on us, and in need of almost constant attention. By necessity, your world becomes "momified," and the old you is left in the dust. You may find yourself frustrated at being unable to do the things you used to, or your desires may simply change and adapt to your life as it is.

Adult relationships tend to change quite a bit when you have kids. Most mothers describe major shifts in their social and sexual lives once their children came along. These shifts can become a source of angst and cause problems in relationships, but the problems are not unsolvable. You can use some strategies to handle them, and hopefully see some positive change.