10 Post-Holiday Shopping Dos & Don'ts

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For the bargain shopper, it can feel like Christmas actually falls on December 26. After all, what better way to wrap up the Christmas holiday than putting your new-found gains (i.e. money, gift cards) to good use or taking advantage of clearance sales?

It's almost a guarantee that you'll find great deals among the post-holiday sales when stores are slashing their prices to get rid of merchandise. Here are some things to consider before you begin your spree. Return or exchange any gifts as soon as possible. This will prevent you from misplacing said gift or losing the gift receipt. Also keep in mind that there's no time like the present to use those gift cards. Some cards have expiration dates or cash penalties if the cards aren't used within a certain date of activation. Remember, great minds think alike, which means your fellow shoppers will be out in full force. Get there early before the good deals are long gone. It's probably a good idea to make this a solo mission and leave the kids behind. If you have no other alternatives, make sure the kids are fed and wearing comfortable shoes for your shopping excursion.