Baby Registry Essentials

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The shopping bug bites pregnant or adopting women at different times, and it's tough to know how to guide the sweet friends and family who want to celebrate the baby's arrival with a gift. But it's important to set up a baby registry, especially if you anticipate having a shower - or two! - before the baby comes. It reduces the need to return duplicates or unnecessary items and makes gift-buyers feel as if they're doing something helpful and needed for you and your new little one. New moms may become overwhelmed at those giant baby superstores, where EVERYTHING seems essential. It's important to make the distinction between items that are necessary, nice to have and luxuries when you create your registry. Another factor to consider is having a good mix of age-appropriate items as baby grows. Many average-sized newborns are not small enough to fit into newborn-sized clothing, so those should be kept to a minimum. It's nice to register for a variety of sizes of basic clothing, such as onesies, socks and sleepwear, taking into consideration the weather in your region during the ages when the baby will wear the clothing.