Bottle Up Savings and Health: Water You Waiting For?

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Bottled water may seem like one of those things you just can't live without, but in reality there are far more cons than pros. When it comes to bottled water, all that glitters isn't gold. For example, many people assume that bottled water is the best option. However, good old-fashioned tap water works is every bit as good for your health -- and even better for your wallet. When you put it in black and white, the numbers are startling. Think about the fact you spend over $1 per bottled water. That means you're paying at least $8 per gallon for the same stuff you can be getting out of your sink. You're paying even more than you do for fuel, which is saying a whole lot, especially when you consider what you're getting. That's because an estimated 40 percent of bottled water is tap water - with minerals added. Studies show that tap water is every bit as safe. In fact, it has the added benefit of having fluoride in it.