Breaking Kids' Bad Habits

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Picking food that she likes off your plate may help your child become accustomed to different tastes. Allowing the child to "eat what the pet eats" - lettuce for a hamster, greens for a guinea pig, etc. - could foster a love of vegetables. Unconventional, sure. But it could work. If the cleanup song isn't working after playtime, then pack up the toys that aren't in their place and let your child know that you can find a home for the toys she won't take care of. One trip to the Salvation Army will probably ensure cleanliness - or you could bluff and hide the toys. If the influence of another friend or family member would have an impact on the habit, then give that a try. Child won't eat broccoli? If she idolizes her older cousin, then tell her the older cousin loves broccoli. Clever solutions will ensure that your child tapers off, and eventually quits, the annoying behavior.
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