Deciphering Teens' Drug Slang

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In the age of texting, e-mail, Facebook and other forms of communication that teens have available, it can be hard for parents to keep up with all those cryptic abbreviations. But your child's life might depend on you deciphering them. Would you know what "robotripping on DXM" would mean? Or why April 20 is significant to kids who use drugs? Many of today's parents were raised in the era of Just Say No, and while schools still teach that concept, many kids still say yes. And while the drugs of yesteryear are still around, there are some new and dangerous players in the game these days. Many kids are abusing prescription drugs that they find around the house, whether prescribed for them or not. Prescription drugs are readily available on the Internet as well. Many kids who abuse these drugs call it "pharming" - pronounced "farming," but it alludes to the pharmaceutical nature of these pills. Pharm parties refer to a party in which teens bring drugs from home and take them, sometimes mixing them in a large bowl and calling it "trail mix."