Give Kids' Foods a Healthy Makeover

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Chicken nuggets, pizza, the all-white diet - it's what kids clamor for every night, while you fight to get something green down their gullets. Whole-grain white breads make it easy to give your kids healthful bread while giving them the idea that they're still eating that Wonder bread they love. As for pizza, this one is by far the easiest junk food to give a healthy makeover. If your kids like making their own at home, then make a few savvy swaps, like using whole-wheat flour in the dough and either making your own tomato sauce or checking to be sure jarred pizza sauce is low in sugar. Try low-fat mozzarella or another low-fat cheese to top the pizza and swap out high-fat pepperoni for turkey pepperoni. Pile on whatever veggies they'll eat, or try slices of pineapple for a fresh change. For another usually high-fat kids' treat, chicken nuggets, there are lots of tricks you can try to keep them tasty and healthful.