How Much Does a New Baby Cost?

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Many potential parents feel they're ready to take on the responsibility of raising a child, but the majority of new parents vastly underestimate the real costs associated with bringing up baby. A Redbook survey says up to 41 percent of new parents believed that in hindsight, they weren't as financially prepared to have a baby as they thought. One expense those parents failed to budget for were those involving the child's prenatal care and delivery. It's important to check with your health insurance company first to understand what you'll be responsible for covering out of pocket. Hospital visits for natural childbirth can cost up to $2,000 out of pocket, and Caesarean sections tend to cost more, with a lengthier postnatal stay. During pregnancy, expect monthly, and ultimately, weekly doctor visits as the due date closes in - those visits can add up when you consider copays each time. If you opt for hospital classes, such as Lamaze, or if you hire a doula, cha-ching. These can tack significant costs onto the hospital tab. A baby needs big-ticket equipment once he gets home, such as a crib, car seat - or two, if you plan for him to travel in each parent's car, high chair, stroller, and more.