Keep Kids Safe at the BBQ

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A cookout is a great way to get friends and family together for a delicious meal and lots of fun. But there are a few precautions to take when it comes to keeping kids safe around the grill and in the yard. Before you light the grill, be sure it's clean in order to prevent flare-ups. If you're using charcoal, then keep all of your supplies, including the charcoal, matches or lighters, and lighter fluid away from kids. If you use a gas grill, then be sure all connections to the propane tank are secure. While the grill is being lit, be sure kids are at least 10 feet away and keep them that way until the grill has completely cooled, which can take several hours. The same goes for pets - many people ensure that the human members of their family are safe, but the furry friends should be, too. Remember to keep hot cooking utensils away from kids as well as you grill. Adults should check their own clothing to be sure it is secure and not risking ignition in the flame, and the same goes for kids.