Kids' Rooms: Storage and Organization

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If it looks like a bomb went off in your kid's room at the end of each day, then chances are, you and your child need help clearing the clutter. It's especially important to make room for the upcoming holiday season and all the inevitable new toys it will probably bring.

Start early so that you'll have a clean, organized space with room to spare. Before you rush off to the store to buy giant plastic bins, assess your needs first. Start by sorting toys. It may help to start three large boxes - one for the toys you'll keep, one for donations and one for trash. Explaining to your child that less-fortunate kids who don't have many toys will receive hers may help take the sting out of the separation. If you think your child is going to have a tough time separating from toys she hasn't played with in two years, then it may be a good idea to do it while she isn't home. Another good way to sweeten the toy purge for your child is to offer her profits for any toys she contributes to a family yard sale, if you plan to have one.