Make it a Magical Movie Night

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Families today more than ever are looking for ways to be entertained without breaking the bank. A night out at the local movie theater can cost $10 or more per person, not to mention breaking the bank - and the belly - at the snack bar. Luckily, movies can be downloaded, received in the mail, rented at the library or borrowed - on the cheap or even free! With so many choices out there - and perhaps kids with really diverse taste in movies - how can the family decide on one movie that'll please everyone? There are many Disney flicks that fit the bill; however, the best course of action might just be to allow each child a turn to choose the movie. This way, you can keep the tradition of family movie night going while appeasing everyone's choices. If you're not sure whether a movie is a good choice, then go online for reviews and information. You also might want to try making movie night a double feature, saving the older kids' movie until after the younger ones go to bed. When the little ones' turn comes up, give them a choice of three or four movies that you've prescreened. That way, you don't run the risk of sitting through that Dora movie... again and again. Make movie night fun by creating a theme. All-girl families might try a princess theme, with concessions that you might serve at tea - berry-flavored teas and scones are perfect for princesses-in-training. Putting on their best princess outfits might help set the mood, too. Don't save the spooky stuff for Halloween - have a spooky movie night with classics like <i>Nightmare Before Christmas</i> or films from the <i>Harry Potter </i> series. Scare up some goodies to eat like you might at Halloween - "bug" juice, gummi worms and sandwiches cut with Halloween-themed cookie cutters would be perfect. The idea is to bring the family closer together, so insist that cell phones and computers get turned off for two full hours while you enjoy the show.