10 Post-Holiday Shopping Dos & Don'ts

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Nothing will slow you down faster than complaints of "my feet hurt" and "I'm hungry." Once you're out and about, here's what to look for. Choose carefully. By only what you need... or want. If it's not high on your wishlist, don't give in simply because it's on sale. Still feeling festive?

Buy your decorations, ornaments and other holiday gear 50 to 75 percent less. If you have a friend or family member expecting, pick up "Baby's First Christmas" garb. Think ahead. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and birthdays are right around the corner. Stock up on gift sets and other cool presents for the upcoming occasions. Take advantage of all the cost cuts for any upcoming event you can think of. For example, red-wrapped chocolate candies can be frozen and will be perfect for Valentine's Day, while green-wrapped chocolate candies are ideal for St. Patrick's Day.