Quick Food Fixes for Hungry Kids

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Does it ever feel like time isn't on your side, especially when you've got hungry mouths to feed? Between rushing from school to work to extracurricular activities, satisfying those big appetites can seem nearly impossible. In fact, it often feels like the drive-thru is the only place where you'll achieve instant gratification. Of course, fast food comes at a price - in cost and calories. What you need are a few simple and easy ideas that require minimal time and effort. We're talking about healthy fixes to zap that hunger when you're on the go. Whole-wheat crackers are as versatile as they come. Top with cheese, peanut butter, tuna salad, chicken salad or cold cuts. Crunch and munch on carrots and celery and other fresh veggies. Serve with hummus, cream cheese or low-fat dressing. Cut up a bowl of fresh fruit - from watermelon to grapes to pineapple, there's plenty from which to choose. Melt cheese and tomatoes on a tortilla and call it a quesadilla.