5 Secrets for a Memorable Christmas Morning

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As much as you want Christmas morning to be just right, it rarely goes off without a hitch. There's always something you've forgotten or want to forget. More often than not, the kids are usually dragging you out of bed before daylight. With your eyes barely open, it's hard to get everything in order if you aren't prepared. However, if you are, you'll find that Christmas morning will be a real gift.

And there's no time like the present to get prepared. For starters, know what you're going to prepare for breakfast. Breakfast casseroles are always a big hit and can be made up the night before. Simply pop your killer casserole in the oven when you wake up Christmas morning. If you're not up for cooking, pick up muffins, breakfast breads or any other ready-made baked goods your family can feast on. Give your kids a time frame. Let them know that there will be no gift opening until a set hour. Make it reasonable. Find a happy medium between dawn and dusk.