Smart Ice Cream Choices

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When it heats up outside, the siren song of the ice-cream man's truck may be the only thing that gets the kids out of the air-conditioned house on the double. But if you're worried about the fat, calories and sugar of those tasty treats, then the ice-cream man might be doling out cold comfort. Nothing in the truck is "nutritious," exactly, but some choices are better than others. Those brightly colored popsicles that kids love so much are perfect choices. The Bullet - that patriotic red, white and blue confection - has little fat and just 70 calories. The ice-cream bars with candy or chocolate centers are a less conservative choice, clocking in with around 300-400 calories and 23 or more grams of fat! Creamsicles make a perfect 100-calorie snack, and the classic ice cream sandwich is one of the better choices on the truck, too. Thinking outside the truck? The grocery store freezer has lots of cool, satisfying confections. Edy's or Dreyer's reduced-fat options are great choices that offer all the flavor at a fraction of the calories and fat. Just watch portions - the nutritional information is heartening, but only if you stick to the half-cup serving size. Sorbets are great choices, too, and usually have little fat.