Super Summer Reading for All Ages

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There's plenty to do inside on rainy summer days, and if you have a child who's not a big reader, then there's no time like summer to get him interested in books. They're great to take along on road trips and airplanes, too, and it does today's kids good to unplug from video games and computers once in awhile. partners with schools for book fairs and other events; give your child's school a call to see if ordering from the site can benefit the school as well. The Web site offers great resources in the form of printables where kids can record their progress, log their books and go a little deeper into reading comprehension. For younger readers, why not start with the books that have won awards this year? From the Caldecott to the Newbery, these are always good bets. Try Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same! for a set of twins or just for fun - it follows twin girls as they try to set themselves apart.