The Tests Every Expecting Mom Needs

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So after taking that one crucial test to see if you're actually pregnant, you may be wondering what else lies in store during the many prenatal visits you'll make in the course of nine months. If it's your first time around, all those pokes and prods may seem unnecessary, but there are a few tests that doctors conduct to help ensure your health and that of your baby's. Some of them are indispensable, while some are optional. You may notice a lot of peeing in a cup during your visits. The medical staff is testing for several things: sugar in the urine, which may signal diabetes; bacteria, which may cause a urinary tract infection; and protein, which could be a sign of a dangerous condition called preeclampsia. Your blood will be tested for anemia, infections and blood type - women who lack a protein called Rh factor may require treatment to protect their babies from a serious blood condition. Your healthcare professional also may do tests for sexually transmitted diseases that can harm the baby during a vaginal birth, including HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B.