Top Parenting Challenges: How to Deal

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From potty training to breaking curfew, kids always find a way to challenge and sometimes completely frustrate their parents. As a mom, how can you cope with the curveballs kids will inevitably throw at you during their 18 years - or more - under your roof? First, gauge yours and your partner's reactions to misbehavior. If one is more lenient than the other, the child will learn quickly that it's easy to divide and conquer, getting a different outcome with each parent. Enforce a punishment if you see it becoming a problem and communicate that punishment. Let kids know that if they ask Parent 1 for something and Parent 1 says no, then there will be repercussions for asking Parent 2. Give kids the outcome of various disciplinary scenarios before they even come up to head off bad behavior at the pass. For example, the store temper tantrum is one that many parents face with dread and frustration.