When Can You Find the Best Bargains?

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If you're thinking about doing all your holiday shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other time this weekend, then you may be wondering if you're getting the absolute best deal on the things you need or the things you'd like to give for the upcoming holidays.

If you're eyeing electronics, then consumer experts say this is the time to buy. Check models that you're interested in to see if they're new. You'll get the best deal on items like televisions and computers if you can wait six to 12 months after they've been in stores. If you are in the market for big appliances and can wait several more months, then try again in September or October. A good rule of thumb for other items is whether or not it's in season - if not, then the demand and therefore price will go down. Try for summer pool items, grills and air-conditioning units in September, for example.