When Little Bobby Bites...

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Vampires may be all the latest rage, but what's a parent to do when she discovers she's rearing her own little Edward Cullen? We're talking about the dreaded biters. Getting a call from the school that little Bobby has bitten one of his classmates can be among a parent's worst nightmare. So how do you break your child of this bad habit? Try chewing on these helpful hints. If your child bites somebody else, immediately remove him from where he is and tell him "no bite." Identify the behavior loud and clear. Be firm and make sure he knows that the person is hurt. Place him or her time out and then soothe the victim asking him/her if they're OK, tending to the wound. You want your child to realize the seriousness of the situation. Always make the victim's parents aware of the situation. If this is not an isolated incident, inform your partner and other caretakers of what's going on so that you can come up with a unified front in dealing with the issue.