Cooking in Bulk: The Master Plan

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For large families or busy parents with no time to cook every night, bulk cooking can be a lifesaver. Not only is bulk cooking a huge timesaver, but it can also be economical and cut down on wasted leftovers. With smart planning and the right recipe ideas, you can have a whole month's worth of healthy meals ready to go!

There are a few different methods for bulk cooking: freeze and reheat whole meals, big-pot leftover meals, and multi-use ingredient meals. Which method you choose depends on if your family is keen on eating leftovers, how big of a group you're feeding, and how much freezer/fridge space you have.

Full Frozen Meals: Reheat and Eat!

There are many foods that lend themselves to freezing and reheating. By knowing what does and doesn't hold up in the freezer you can prepare full entrees and side dishes that can be easily popped in the oven for a home cooked meal ready in 30 minutes with no effort.