Product Review: Baby Bottles

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A baby bottle is a baby bottle, right? Not nowadays. Companies keep introducing new, more streamlined bottles in various materials and boasting a wide range of features.

Baby bottles are not just containers for baby's nutrients; they're also objects of comfort for little ones. Babies spend a lot of time with these objects and associate them with satisfaction and love, often adding the word "bah" to their list of first words.

A product that's such an intimate part of baby's life should be chosen wisely, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank. Some bottles are designed with specific needs in mind, so you should do a bit of research to find which is best for your baby. At the very least, a baby bottle should be designed to be safe and to do what it's supposed to do in an efficient manner.

Bottle Features

There are some key features many parents look for in a baby bottle. These features make feeding easier, help prevent common problems associated with feeding, and protect a baby's health.

Look closely at the way companies advertise their bottles, and you'll see that most bottle manufacturers specialize in one type of bottle or another. Of course, some bottles may have more than one desirable feature.