10 Simple Tips to Make Children Become Smarter

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A supportive situation fosters numerous aspects of intelligence. The following 10 easy ways to stimulate intelligence in children will provide an "enriched environment" for brain growth.

One: Love and Self-Esteem Improve Educational Performance
In a extensive series of experiments, Prescott Lecky, an American educational researcher, found a high correlation between low self-esteem and learning problems in children. He correctly theorized that by raising a child's self-esteem, learning performance would also perk up.

His success stories include a weak speller who averaged 55% in spelling improved to 91% in six months, a Latin student who went from 30% to 84% after three encouraging conversations with a teacher, and a student considered to have no ability for English who improved over a semester to win the school's literary prize.

Two: Breast Fed Babies Are Smarter
Danish researchers found that mother's milk contained essential micronutrients for brain expansion. In fact, the longer the child was breast fed, the more the brain was nourished. For case in point, infants breast fed for 9 months were smarter than infants only breast-fed for two months.

Three: Proper Nutrition Improve Health And Nerve Conduction
Diets high in sugar, Trans fatty acids, and salt decreased health in children. Junk food failed to provide sufficient iron for healthy brain development, resulting in poor nerve impulses. Children with nutritional shortage also missed school more often because of illness and fell behind their peers.