How Do You Encourage Self Confidence in Girls?

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Several studies show that girls' self-esteem and self-confidence tends to decline after about age nine as girls enter puberty. How do you encourage self confidence and increase self esteem during these early years? There are things that can be done. This article will review some of those things.

Start with limiting your young girl's television watching. Of course, this is easier said than done. Studies show television programs and advertising can have a negative effect on viewers. Television shows targeted toward children are mixed with many advertising messages. Some of these messages are very subtle, while other messages are quite clear.

Of course we cannot blame the media for everything. We can, however, realize that too much television may negatively affect our children's self esteem and confidence. For example, children who learn at a young age that food equals happiness, may have problems with body image later in life. Television advertising and programs present ongoing messages to young children that "things" are the solutions to problems and the route to happiness. These messages only exaggerate feelings of low self worth if a child does not possess all these "things," or the "right things."

As children age, the "things" can change into a perfect body. Not have the right things can translate into body image problems and other self-destructive behaviors.