How to Discipline When Kids Are Careless

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Child discipline and logical consequences demand you learn to think before you act. You take the time you need. You get your feelings under control. You come up with a simple plan. You execute that plan.

When kids are careless, rage can explode and it can feel great. Later shame sets in. Your kids yell back, make excuses, and sometimes blame you for their mistakes. This is not the family life you hoped for.

If These Were Your Children, How Would You Deliver Logical Consequences?

All winter you've squirreled away coins, dollars, and gift money to buy a bike for Amy. She squealed with joy as she first rode it through the neighborhood. You smiled and thought, "It's the perfect birthday.

1. One rainy morning two weeks later you look out the front room window. There it is, spattered with mud lying in the driveway. Your gut tightens. You march down the hallway to Amy's bedroom. Will you yank her out of bed? Or will you get yourself under control?