How Much TV Is Too Much For Kids?

Remember the days when there was no TV? Well plenty of us don't. Today television is the norm for all families...
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ImageLow carb diets... Low fat diets... Online diets?

Indeed. The days of taking to the internet to lose weight are still in full swing. While Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers have added an online component to their traditional brick-and-mortar programs, there are diet programs that can only been found on the net. is one of the contenders.

Like most online diet sites, has a free diet profile that includes a personality quiz from Dr. Robert Kushner, a board certified physician in internal medicine and nutrition. Based on the results of the diagnostic quiz, is able to create a weight loss program targeted to the member's wants and needs.

Based on the personality quiz, dieters are broken down into seven types of eaters.

- Meal Skipper - Eating without focusing on what or when you are eating.
- Nighttime Nibbler - Eating most of your daily food at night.
- Convenient Diner - Eating convenience foods rather than fresh foods.
- Fruitless Feaster - Enjoying a meat and potato diet without veggies and fruit.
- Steady Snacker - Hungry or not, Snacking throughout the day.
- Hearty Portioner - Enjoying portions that are too big for your needs.
- Swing Eater - Eating "good" in public and "bad" alone.