ImageYou have seen one online weight loss program, you have seen them all. Right? Wrong.

Despite the onslaught of internet diets, there is one that many people cannot -- and should not -- live without. Introducing, a weight loss site that helps members in tracking calories, carbs, fat, exercise, pounds and much more.

It does not matter if you are following at Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers or any other diet. DietWatch works along with whatever approach to weight loss you decide to follow. The resources available at include a personalized meal planner, customized shopping lists, nutrition tracker, automatic reminders, exercise tracker, chat rooms, blogs, message boards, buddy finders, daily tips and much more.

Although it's up to you which program you choose to use to lose, DietWatch offers four plans of its own -- the No Restrictions Plan, Reduced Carbs Plan, Heart Healthy-Mediterranean Plan and the Vegetarian Plan.

ImageWith the No Restrictions plan, dieters receive a well-balanced diet with no dietary restrictions or preferences. The Reduced Carbs Plan calls for just 40% of calories to come from carbohydrates, although it doesn't put the body in a state of ketosis.

The Heart Healthy Mediterranean Plan is based on a diet that is high in mono- and polyunsaturated fats with limited amounts of trans and saturated fat. As for the Vegetarian plan, it is laco-ovo vegetarian and includes eggs and dairy. This plan is for the individual who wishes to eliminate meat, chicken or fish and substitute them with soy foods and meat substitutes.

As for the fitness aspect of your program, there are several tools that come in handy. DietWatch offers an interactive exercise log that lets you track the time of your workout and the number of calories you've burned. There is also a Daily calorie Balance that will tally the number of calories consumed and the amount burned. offers two payment plans. The weekly plan will put you back just $2.99 a week, while the yearly plan averages out to $1.49 a week.